It doesn’t happen frequently, but there is the odd time when a home is put on the market underpriced.  These homes typically don’t last more than a few days before they are sold in a slow market, and hours in a hot market.  Our Home Buyers Alert Program will provide you with instant e-mail notification of listings that go up on the Realtors MLS system up to 24 hours before the general public will see it.  To sign up, you can click  on this link, e-mail me at, or call 613-897-5593.

When subscribing to our buyers alert program we will set up a program which will automatically notify you of a new listing, or when a listing changes status in the area and for the type of home you are interested in.  All of the listings that match your criteria will reside on your personal web page, for which I will provide you with a link.

Please click to sign up today – no strings attached.